How He Sees It….

All rights reserved Scott Moore

This is a story of inclusion. The inclusion of a small and simple device that increased satisfaction in many different physical feelings but also in the emotional connection between my girlfriend and myself.

My relationship with my girlfriend is growing, exciting and keeps me full of life. This includes an active and fulfilling sexual relationship, one that is mutually respectful. We explore each other with every intention of finding new ways to bring each other to the heights of pleasure. While the exploration is reciprocated, typically it involves one of us spending time adoring the others body. While participatory all the time, there are plenty of selfish moments of ecstasy. She will turn her attention to lightly touching me. Starting with caressing my chest she lets her intentions known that she wants to provide me special attention. Her caressing continues over my body, finding those points that she already knows will begin my arousal. She nurtures those spots and treats them as if they have never been touched. From that point on she will adventure out to different points using all her skills with hands, lips and tongue.

No matter who initiates, the other will typically respond. I take special care to take my time insuring that she understands that the experience includes the emotions that are growing between us. Kissing her and appropriately touching her body with every intention of slowly bringing her writhing and twisting tension to a physical explosion. This takes time and care.  We cherish our time together, but busy schedules sometime preclude us from spending as much time as we would like.  Sometimes we do not have time to conduct the investigations and explorations that we would like.

I was surprised one night when after arousing and entering my girlfriend and what I thought was damn near bringing her to orgasm she stopped me. Had I done something wrong? Was there something that I had forgotten? “I have something that I want to do”, she said. “I want you to wear this” she said as she pulled out a vibrating cock ring from under the pillow.  

I had many thoughts at that very moment, the first being, what was this thing?  I read the package. “Promotes longer lasting erections”.  What does that mean?  What message is she sending?  She smiled and giggled and pulled out of the package and quickly turned on the vibrator, giggling more as it jumped out of her hand. “Put it on” she said.  “Will you put it on? Oh, never mind, I will put it on for you” as she grabbed it off the bed.

As I lay on my back she slid the ring all the way down my cock.  She made putting it on my fully erect cock a fun experience. While I found the experience exciting, I also felt self conscious.  Why was this necessary?  Was I not pleasing her enough?  She turned on the vibrator and now the tight feeling at the base of my cock began to pulse. “How is that?” she said to me. It felt different, intimidating and at the same time stimulating. “Or, what about this?” as she turned the vibrator around to the other side of my shaft. It all felt fantastic and new and still intimidating. Where was this going I thought to myself?

I quickly found out. After her second question she straddled me and reinserted my eager cock into her. She lowered herself down onto the vibrator at the base of my cock. She had taken all of me into her and said not a word.  Silence was not unusual between us but I did not know how to proceed. What did she want? Why was this thing involved in our love making?

Then, her smile came back. A smile that drives me. She said nothing. She moved. She moved and then stopped. Grinding and then sliding. Then her first words, “This thing is fantastic.” What? I wasn’t fantastic? My ego for unknown reasons felt wanting. I had two choices. I could pull out or I could show her that her new “fantastic” needed me in order to be fantastic.

I thrust upwards pinning the vibrator against her clit. I pulled back just as fast. I was going back to our roots of being together where I felt I needed to be in control. I wanted her to know that I was completely capable of bringing her to orgasm. Her eyes were wide open staring at me as I teased her clit with my thrusts. Nothing was said. Her eyes said it all.  I realized then by looking into her eyes that she had included this toy to please me. Her eyes let me know that it was ok. This toy was only there because I was there.

The cock ring increased both our stimulation and as the package indicated kept me harder longer. Our love making continued for a longer time than normal. I could feel her body more deeply. I could feel her pulsating. I could feel her wetness flowing as her clit continued to be teased in a way that I could not have done on my own. I was satisfied in a way that I had never been satisfied before. Vibrating the base of my cock continually I could not hold back and I came. We were both extremely satisfied. I looked into her eyes as we lay there recuperating. She smiled and said nothing. She did not need to say anything.

When we started I was unsure of the “why” of a cock ring. I understood when we were finished. It was about “me and her” being together. It was not included in the “me and her” to make me more pleasing to her. It was included to bring us closer. I felt lifted in our trust for our emotional feelings.  When we were lying next to each other the toy did not exist. In the end I don’t even know what became of it that night.
So, in the end this story is about inclusion, the inclusion of a toy. The inclusion of something that ultimately brought me closer to my girlfriend, opened up additional possibilities and made me realize that the fun was about the two of us and exploring how we feel and growing those feelings. A toy, any toy just might be a great inclusion into your world to help you find out that it is about you and your partner.


~ by GoBackToBed on August 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “How He Sees It….”

  1. I have thought about using a cock ring with my boyfriend but thought he would not like it. I bet this makes him change his mind.

  2. I am going to try this with my boyfriend.

  3. I love men who are open to experimentation. Good for you.

  4. Lucky Girl! Definitely going to order the vibrating cock ring!

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