Have you ever wondered why people do the things we do?

Did you see that amazing rope bondage going on at our launch party? Are you wondering what that’s all about? Are you ready to move beyond furry handcuffs and try something more involved (not that there’s anything wrong with furry handcuffs, but they do have their limits)?

There is a lot to bondage beyond the furry handcuffs

If you are in the Seattle area, here’s an opportunity to explore further.

Over the last few weeks a friend has been serving as a stunt bottom for someone who is taking private lessons from Max of BondageLessons.com. (”Bottom” meaning the person inside the ropes, and “Top” meaning the person applying the ropes.) Doing this has given her very special opportunity to really focus on what it is like to be inside the ropes, and to try and articulate her experiences.  She has been writing about some of that here on this blog.


~ by GoBackToBed on March 2, 2010.

One Response to “Have you ever wondered why people do the things we do?”

  1. There might be a last-minute change of venue for this one, so sign up for Max’s email newsletter to get the updates — http://www.bondagelessons.com/home.htm (scroll toward bottom of page)

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