Dirty | Sexy | Rockin | Fun – The Launch Party

Women are longing for and loving sex.  YES THEY ARE!  Well…not all women of course but most of them.  Women produce and watch porn, they gather at passion parties where sex toys sell like Tupperware hot cakes, and they are casting aside inhibitions and enjoying their sex lives.

Fun with plastic has come a long way

A few months ago two fantastic moms (that would be us) joined forces to build a website where women, and men for that matter, such as ourselves, middle-aged, not all that kinky but certainly super-sexual could feel comfortable shopping for sex toys and sex-essories.  Feeling like insects in the glare of a science lab while shopping at most of the available stores and websites we found, out of our utter discomfort, GoBackToBed.com was born.

February 6th is THE LAUNCH PARTY to celebrate Go Back to Bed.

Traditionally, a launch party has become associated with the software and the technology industry due to the lavish and costly launch parties thrown by companies in the Silicon Valley. Launch parties are thrown to draw in potential new customers and to increase public exposure for their brand name, using an open bar, catered food, and a variety of entertainers. Most launch parties represent a substantial investment for the company, with some parties costing as much as 250,000 US Dollars (USD).  This is not exactly that type of party!

First and foremost…you all need to know that this is not…I REPEAT NOT a sex toy sales party.  You want sex toys you need to shop on our web site www.gobacktobed.com.  This is a celebratory BASH simply to thank all of our friends and fans for helping us launch a successful business, and to let you know a little bit about who the faces are behind Go Back to Bed, how the company works, and why we are different.

The night will be full of rockin good music provided by Seattle’s own ‘Reckon Yard’.

Monk, founder of Twisted Monk will be our very special guest performing erotic rope bondage, as you have probably never imagined it before.  He will dish out something for the beginner as well as the not-so-faint-at-heart, and we think you will leave with some new ideas.

We will ply you with decadent desserts, luscious libations, fantastic giveaways and the always anticipated, gift bags…

Anyone for a ginger ale?

Thank you devoted friends, fans, bloggers and shoppers.  Please join us in the celebrating the success of our new company.  This party is for you!

The Moms (aka: “Sex Kitty” and “Miss September”)

If you have not already RSVP’d please do so at info@gobacktobed.com


~ by GoBackToBed on February 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “Dirty | Sexy | Rockin | Fun – The Launch Party”

  1. Can NOT wait for Saturday!!

  2. Thinking about this party is making me so hot….

  3. We are at max capacity for the party….300+

    As Dina Martina would say, it’s going to be “OFF THE CHARTS”.

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  5. […] and for all my local readers; Sex Kitty and Miss September, invite us to a join them for a Launch Party this Saturday night, 02/06/10.  They promise to ply us with decadent desserts, luscious libations, […]

  6. […] and for all my local readers; Sex Kitty and Miss September, invite us to a join them for a Launch Party this Saturday night, 02/06/10.? They promise to ply us with decadent desserts, luscious libations, […]

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