Getting into your panty drawer.

A new Facebook craze swept the social networking site, where woman give details of their bra color to help raise awareness for breast cancer.  Status updates ranged from the ever boring “beige” to the sexier “hot pink” and “crimson red” to the provocative “sexy black and gold”.  I reported in with “navy blue with white polka dots”.

This got me thinking about my panties.  My lin­gerie drawer is a rainbow of colors and textures and of won­der and mys­tery.

These are some hot panties

I have just recently found a reason to become a thong girl.  Is that the same thing as a G-string or a V-string as it is called at Victoria Secret?  I’ve got pretty cot­ton thongs in ice cream colors for days when I want to feel sexy for myself, but I still want to feel com­fort­able and func­tional and a few pair of fancier thongs with rib­bon and lace for those times when I have some­one to impress.  I’ve got hip-hug­ger panties which sit low for days when I wear low cut jeans and I’ve got boy shorts that I like to sleep in on hot sum­mer nights when it’s too hot for any­thing but a tank top and panties. I’ve got panties in comfy cot­ton, silk and lace and panties in mate­r­ials which form-fit to my ass and hips and aren’t sup­posed to show under­neath cloth­ing. A girl’s gotta have her secrets.

I’ve got bikini under­pants that I think are now referred to as “granny panties” though I saw my grandma in her panties many many times and she was not sporting anything as sexy as my “granny panties”.  I’ve got panties that I wear when I go running, and panties that I wear under sweats when I go to the grocery.  I’ve got the “just in case” panties that are hiding at the back of the drawer hoping for one last dance – there they are with their saggy bot­toms and stretched out elas­tic, but I keep them around “just in case”.  There are panties that match bras and panties that don’t.  There are panties that you wear with a garter belt but I don’t do that because I have not figured out how to do that.  I have panties that were given to me as a gift, and panties that I spent way too much money on and that I am now afraid to wear.  It only takes a few minutes before they are tossed on the floor.  These are some of my favorites.

Some­times when I am folding the laundry for the “boys” in the house I pause and sigh.  Men’s underwear is boring.  Dull.  White, gray or black.  Perhaps a primary color.  Boxers or briefs.  In our house we have the boxer brief.  That’s it.  Nothing to get excited about.  Poor guys.

I love my panties.


~ by GoBackToBed on January 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Getting into your panty drawer.”

  1. I love the panties that look great as they are taken off and thrown on the floor!

  2. I love cute panties in a creative sort of way.

  3. Cotton bikinis are now called granny panties? Granny panties are those things they (still?) sell at Sears that come up to your navel and have the legs cut straight across to cover as much outer thigh as possible.

    Wonder what are we supposed to call those? Great-granny panties maybe?

    The real question is whether two generations from now they’ll call thongs granny panties. And I wonder what they’ll be wearing instead. (Probably those old high-riders from Sears? 🙂

    Fun blog, Mammas, and a cool business site. I’d blogroll you even if you weren’t a local business.


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